Foresic Tool Web Service from June 2015

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This work was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF) grant funded by the Korea overment(MEST) (No.2012R1A2A1A05026327).

National Research Lab.(NRL) from July 2007

National Research Lab.(NRL) of Fusion Technology for Security. It is supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation(KOSEF) funded by Korean Government, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Center of Fusion Technology for Security(CFTS) from June 2006

Center of Fusion Technology for Security(CFTS) is operated from June, 2006. It is sponsored by KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency), KOMSCO (Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation), NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea), and Many organizations. Prof. Lee is the director of the CFTS.

Lab. Of Excellence(LOE) from September 2005

The MMC Lab. was only selected in KAIST as the very best quality Lab. of the Universities in Korea from the Korea Industrial Technology Foundation(KOTEF). 50 Labs in all were selected in IT, BT, CT, NT areas in Korea. The program is supported by Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and Ministry of Labor.